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Calibr pH Buffer 2 Rinse the electrode tip with distilled water and then immerse the electrode in the second buffer solution (e. Read Book Akta Explorer User Manual ÄKTAprime plus - University of Houston Manual Flowpath B1 or B2 BufferValveB Pump A Pump B Common inlet A2 A1 Common inlet B2 B1. 0 bar (high-pressure flow path, downstream column) 0. Testing we performed: The GE Amersham AKTA Explorer 100 FPLC system passed all tests and was found to be fully functional: The following onboard tests were performed to the main components (P-900 pump / UV-900 detector / pH/C-900). An eluent in an external vessel is drawn into the inlet manifold by the action of the pump.

Calibrate the electrode according to instructions Monitor pH/C-900 User Manual. 6mlFilter10PP(1µmSupportnetMixertopStirringmagnet9. UV-900 : Variable, Multiwavelength UV-Vis detector. Uncalibrated pH electrode. 1 Introduction 1. Remember to also replace the piston seal. 4mlFilter10PP(1µmSupportnetMixertop.

pressure, peristaltic pump 4. ÄKTAdesign Pump P-900 User Manuall Edition AEInstallation 2. Free shipping for many products! If pump is below level of liquid is tank (flooded suction), open appropriate system valves gradually, and check for signs of leakage. Fully functional and tested to go through post. Used but in good working condition p 900 slave boards for p 900 board for motor control.

The pump can be used to form accurate and reproducible gradients. P-903) M,,6 6 *) standard component only akta in Ä KTAexplorer 100, Ä KTAexplorer 100 Air Ä KTAexplorer 10 S (IV-908) (PV-908) (INV-907) (PV-908) (PV-908) (PV-908) (SV-903). 5 Prime inlets and purge pump heads Step Action Connect the syringe to the purge valve on the right pump head of System pump B, and repeat steps 6 to 8. 1 General Pump P-920 is a high precision laboratory pump for use in liquid chromatography and other applications where constant flow is.

Inlet or outlet check valves not functioning correctly. P-900 pump replacement check valve for Akta 10 ml and 100 ml pumps. AKTA FPLC biomolecule purification system with; Monitor UPC-900 -measures UV and temperature compensated conductivity and pH in a single instrument (pH function is an optional configuration), Pump P-920 flow rates up to 20ml/min, Frac 900, Computer with control and p-900 data analysis software. Keep akta pump p-900 user manual the system flow running. ÄKTA UPC-900 measuring instruments pdf manual download.

Sample pump flow restrictorSystem pump flow restrictor R9 (System) V9H-OV9H-InjV9H-pH V9H-CU9-DU9-M C9V9H-IAV9H-IB P9H BQ9 FR-902 V9H-S M9 P9H-S R9 (Sample). Details & Cart. 0 bar (high-pressure flow path, upstream column) 2. It also describes how to create methods and running the system manually. Connect the tubing using male 5/16 -connections.

Each pump consists of one pair of pump heads, which deliver low-pulsation flow to the mixer. Page 96 4 Installation 4. If the spring is corroded, check if the piston seal and rinse membrane are intact. Follow the instructions in Pump P900 User Manual.

Product Description. Spring is corroded. Clean the valves in according to Pump P-900 User.

System description and instructions for installation, maintenance and troubleshooting are also included in this manual. 6 ml mixer 2 ml mixer Ä KTA 100 mls/min This GE Amersham AKTA Explorer 100 FPLC system is in good working order. 5 m UniNet-1 cable between the fraction collector and CU-950, and then the USB cable between CU-950 and the computer. 95 bar (low-pressure outlet manifold) 0. UV 900 main PCB board. If damaged, replace the piston according to instructions in the Pump P-900 User Manual.

These pump heads do not appear to have seen much use. Note: If a fraction collector is used, connect the fraction collector UniNet-1 cable between Pump P-900 and the fraction collector, and the 1. Ä KTA pu r if er. 1mmMixerchamber0. AMERSHAM ÄKTA UPC-900 USER MANUAL Pdf Download. Validate purge of pump B Follow the instructions below to check that there is no air left in the pump after performing a purge.

Akta, P-900 pump, check valve, KDT-J1914-N. Pump speed 340 rpm (100%) High Flow Kit 225 rpm (100%) Low Flow Kit Max. COM | Laboratory & Scientific Lab Equipment | Boston. 7 Connecting the inlet tubing The inlet tubing is connected to the centre port of the akta pump p-900 user manual inlet manifold of each pump module. Akta Pump P 900 User Manual Online This license is not a sale of the Manual and you do not become the owner of the Manual through your purchase of any product, download and/or use. P-920 Main Pump for Akta FPLC Systems. Flow rate up to 100 ml/min, max pressure 25MPa. 0) and press Monitor UPC-900 User ManualEdition AE.

PP PP PEEK PTFE PEEK FPM/FKMMixerchamber1. 1 Importantuserinformation Readthisbeforeoperating ÄKTApure AllusersmustreadtheentireÄKTApureOperatingInstructionsbeforeinstalling,operating,or. Please see the exact video and photos below. Disassemble pump cylinder and examine the piston spring according to instructions in the Pump P-900 User Manual.

Akta pump p-900 user manual

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