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| Visit SynthXL for service manuals. The Alpha Juno 2 is an upgraded version of the Alpha Juno 1 that expands the keyboard to 61 keys and adds velocity and aftertouch. bought a juno 2 (had a juno 1 but i wanted the velocity sensitivity) and a cz-5000. - A cubase sx device panel for alpha juno2/mks-50 - manual for alpha juno 2 + a txt document explaining how to service broken keys. I didn&39;t see in the manual because it only mentions MIDI control change.

For information that is common and shared across all products, and for DAW Host Setup information, please see the Setup Guide. 79 User&39;s Manual V1. Synths ⇝ Roland ⇝ Roland Alpha Juno 1. It was meant for the home.

USING CTRLR Run this program from within the Ctrlr program itself. The Alpha Juno is used by Mundo Muzique, Vince Clarke, Matt Megaton Haines, Paul Hardcastle, Massive Attack, Bomb the Bass, The Prodigy, Youth, Joey Beltram and Human Resource. All other orders ship immediately. The MKS-50 is an upgraded rackmount version of the Alpha Juno. Create a in/out loop between the Alpha Juno and your PC.

I&39;m kind of jelly they have one and I don&39;t funny i just did that. The Alpha Juno 2 is an upgraded version with the same sound engine. HS-80 consumer version of alpha Juno2 with different outfit.

It was meant for the home keyboard market. Some of Roland&39;s documentation refers to the Alpha Juno 2 as the JU-2. pdf Size: 4147 KB Type: PDF, ePub, eBook Category: Book Uploaded: 20, 02:25 Rating: 4.

Alpha Juno 2 ALPHA JUNO1 VS ALPHA JUNO2: Ju2 is bigger with 5 octave keyboard velocity and aftertouch sensitive keys: MKS-50 rack unit with some enhancements like Detuning, Portamento and a double RAM memory. I can play a MIDI sequence from Ableton to send notes to the Alpha Juno, and I can control its parameters in real time with the PG-300 but I don&39;t know how to record these knob motions. Download a copy alpha juno manual of 5. The MKS-50 is a rack-mount version of the Alpha Juno.

This synth is pretty much a Juno 106 without the functionality/controls. This synth is loaded with a custom patch bank by Espen Kraft, factory patches, and the M16 Cartridge with an additional 88 patches! Roland Alpha Juno-2 Owner&39;s Manual Keywords: Roland, Alpha Juno-2, Manual, synthesizer Created Date: 9:44:17 AM.

Controlling the Roland Alpha Juno-1 with the Behringer BCR by The Manitou,This is by no means a complete tutorial, merely an overview based on my own experience setting up the BCR. Great analog sound and one of the most famous Techno sounds ever, the "hoover" sound. The Roland Alpha Juno-1 is an great analog, polyphonic, programmable synthesizer with MIDI. It also assumes that you have the B-Control manual provided with the BCR unit. The Alpha Juno 1 was soon replaced by the Alpha Juno 2 which added a few MIDI & keyboard enhancements. Hold out for an alpha Juno 2 instead - have had both (and the MKS-50) and the Juno 2 was easily the nicest all round even though they are all identical sound (and far better built than the &39;1&39;). Alpha JUNO-1 Synthesizer pdf manual download. The slightly improved successor to the original Alpha Juno.

Some of Roland&39;s documentation refers as the Alpha Juno 1 as the JU-1. Less of a battle, more of a chat. The HS-80 is an Alpha Juno 2 for the casual home user, with a slightly less appealing cosmetic appearance. View and Download Roland Alpha Juno-2 service notes online. Note: Orders with the Alpha Juno 1 & 2 mounting stand will ship after Nov 16th when the stands are in stock.

A version of the Alpha Juno 2 was released as the HS-80 SynthPlus 60. syx and follow the instructions in the app to load this sysex file into a Bank and Bulk Load it to the Alpha Juno. Alpha Juno-2 synthesizer pdf manual download.

His memory is organized into two groups of 8 banks of 8 tones or 64 sounds in preset (ROM), 64 in internal memory (RAM). The Alpha Junos have been used by Mundo Muzique, Vince alpha juno manual Clarke, Matt Megaton Haines, Paul Hardcastle, Fatboy Slim, Massive Attack, Bomb the Bass, The Prodigy, Faithless, Youth, Joey Beltram and Human Resource. Roland Juno Alpha 1 / 2Roland Juno Alpha 1 / 2Roland Juno Alpha 1 / 2 Manual SupplementTPE TPE TPE---1 / BIOS v. JUNO ALPHA Editor. LOL I want to clear the check battery message and re-load the factory presets. 0 plus shipping especially for the price. I have a Roland Alpha Juno synthesizer controlled by a Roland PG-300 MIDI controller.

Alpha Juno synthesizers presented a reduced user interface compared to other synths of the day, with a single "Alpha Dial" replacing many sliders and knobs - they represented Roland&39;s first truly "knobless" synthesizers since arch rivals Korg and Yamaha having already made the change to a largely pushbutton programming interface some two years. Roland Alpha Juno-2 Digital/Analog synthesizer. Roland Alpha Juno-2 Owner&39;s Manual Keywords: Roland, Alpha Juno-2, Manual, synthesizer Created Date: 9:44:17 AM. I just changed the battery in my Roland HS-80 (synthplus 80) which is the same as a Roland Alpha Juno 2 in a different case with powered speakers. Midi Programmable Polyphonic. How to run this program. Alpha Juno 1 smaller version with 49 keys (no velocity) and no cartridge port. Download Service & Owner&39;s Manual for Roland JUNO 1 Alpha Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer + PG 300.

6/5 from 746 votes. Roland Alpha Juno-1 Owner&39;s Manual Keywords: Roland, Alpha Juno-1, Manual, synthesizer Created Date: 11:08:35 AM. alpha juno manual It benefits from having an external controller to get under the hood of the exterior to program your patches. I’ve hooked this up to the IPG800 iPad app to control parameters in real-time. 0 plus shipping. 201 for Windows/Linux or 5.

HS-80 it&39;s alpha Juno2 consumer version of with different outfit and powered internal speakers VIDEO. Synths ⇝ Roland ⇝ Roland Alpha Juno 2. An in depth look at the difference between these 2 of Roland&39;s 1980&39;s DCO polysyn. The VST-AU Blofeld Editor™ is a real-time MIDI Synth Editor that allows you full control of every parameter of the sound on the Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard and Desktop model synthesizers running OS version 1.

File Name: Roland Alpha Juno 2 Manual. A version of the Alpha Juno 1 was released as the HS-10 SynthPlus 10. MIDI Programmable polyphonic synthesizer.

New: Downloadthe complete 52 pages Roland Alpha-Juno (a-Juno)owners manual 18 / 04 / Converted most of the Manuals to PDF - unfortunatly, the freeware-converters resulting quality is quite poor (it´s limited to plain b/w bitmap-import) - But don´t be afraid : I just put these alpha juno manual PDF&39;s up for those of you with a slow connection - the full. 16B2, or the latest OS version 1. Jump to 21:00 to hear just some sounds.

I played all sounds dry without any external effects. ALPHA JUNO-1 is an analog synthesizer 6 voices of polyphony, monotimbral. HS-10 - an alpha juno1 with different case.

It took me a while to firgure this out but Iv found that changing the value of the number 4 sysex message from 00 to 0F (alpha juno 2) gets the panel working for me. MKS-50 rack unit with some enhancements like Detuning, Portamento and a double internal RAM memory. completely underrated. If you want some Juno lushness and don&39;t have the cash to pay the continuously increasing prices for a classic Juno, check this out.

Alpha Juno-1, Alpha Juno-2: AC power socket (Part 4415) View details for this product: Aftertouch connector assembly, for Juno-2 (Part 7265) View details for this product. Then download this: EZ Alpha Install it and open AJunoSysex. It has the same synth engine and architecture, with some added features like 16 programmable chord memories, the ability to store velocity, volume, panning, de-tune, portamento and other similar parameters within each patch you create. I have the user manual but not the service manual. View and Download Roland Alpha Juno-2 owner&39;s manual online. Having said that, if any &39;analog&39; synth sounded most like software/VA then this would be a good example. This specialized MIDI controller is the most comprehensive and affordable way to unleash the full potential of five of the best Polyphonic Analog Roland Synthesizers: The Alpha Juno 1, Alpha Juno 2, MKS-50, HS-10, and HS-80.

reKon audio has released their latest new product, the VST-AU Blofeld Editor today. 35+ (Latest edition) Setting Up Retroaktiv Controllers In Your Rig The memory expansion card can be purchased. VST-AU Alpha JUNO Editor™ User Manual Note that the information found here is specific to the product and synthesizer model(s) it was made for. The Alpha Juno has a pretty unique tone IMHO and I prefer it to the JX8P and JX10 by a long shot.

MIDI Club is excited to announce its first hardware product, the JunoCTRL. Getting started:. It still sounds fab but unlike the MKS50 it’s a keyboard version with membrane buttons and a small LCD display. The Alpha Juno 1 is a slightly cut down version of the Roland MKS 50/MKS-50. Latest firmware: 1.

It&39;s a little thinner th. View and Download Roland Alpha JUNO-1 owner&39;s manual online.

Alpha juno manual

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